F.A.Q. Subscription

1. Do I have to sign up via the Econometric Career Days website for the Grand Opening?
Yes, you can subscribe for this event by getting a Grand Opening ticket on the website. After subscribing, you will receive a confirmation email with your e-ticket.

2.  How are students selected for participation?
Selection for the informal events and dinners is done through CV selection by the companies themselves. For all other events, the selection is done by the committee as fairly as possible.

3Can I arrive later or leave earlier for a case?
No, once you sign up and are selected for a case, you have to attend the entire session. 

4. When do I hear whether I was selected for the events I signed up for?
We strive to let everyone know whether they are selected for the events they signed up a few days before the start of the ECD.

5Until which date can I unsubscribe from an event?
The subscriptions close on the 26th of October at 23:59PM, until then you can still subscribe and unsubscribe for events.

6. How do I unsubscribe from an event?
You can unsubscribe for events when you are logged in with your account. Go to Profile – Events – Events I’m attending.

7. How does the subscription procedure work?
You can sign in with your FAECTOR account on our website and sign up for each individual event after getting a general ticket for the Econometric Career Days 2022. 

8. How can I see which events I am attending?
You can see this on your email or on your dashboard once the selection has been made.

9. What happens if I do not show up to an event without a valid reason?
If you do not show up unannounced or without a valid reason, we will be forced to give your name and personal details to the company the event was organized by, we cannot vouch for what they will do with it. You will also be placed on the FAECTOR blacklist, which means that it will not be possible to participate in career events of FAECTOR for 4 months.

10. How do I add a motivation/CV to my profile?
You can do this in Profile – Edit.