ECD Talks 2023

Last year we organised the first-ever ECD Talks. This event, formerly known as the Grand Opening, took place on Tuesday
November 14. In this captivating event, we dived into the world of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science and technology that focuses on creating machines and systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Due to the recent developments in this field, the topic is becoming increasingly relevant for our career fields. AI is significant due to its ability to aid in automation, data analysis, personalization, predictive analytics, problem solving, medical advancements, environmental impact, security yet are also subject to severe ethical considerations. Thus it is an incredibly interesting topic to learn more about.

In the ECD Talks: AI, we had an opportunity to touch upon the benefits as well as pitfalls associated with AI. We have invited three incredibly knowledgeable speakers that all work with AI in their daily lives in various fields. We were very proud and excited to welcome Ali el Hassouni, the Head of Data of bunq, Roos, head of data analyst team at the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD), and Martin Haagoort, a cofounder of dHealthIQ and CEO of Intellerts. The host of the event was Sofie van den Enk, a Dutch presenter, famous for her work at KRO-NCRV to lead the discussion. The three speakers shared their professional experiences using AI and will explain what AI does in their workfield and how it is applied. After their individual presentations there were panel discussions during which you had the opportunity to ask questions and hear the opinions of all the speakers. All remaining questions could be asked during the Q&A at the end. The ECD Talks conclude with a drink at Erasmus Paviljoen, open to all attendees. There was a LinkedIn photographer to take a formal LinkedIn picture and there were free drinks to celebrate the start of the 11th edition of the ECD. The ECD Talks took place place on Tuesday 14 November 2023 at 15:00. The discussion panel is in English and is open to all students and employees of the Erasmus University

Sofie van den Enk: Host

Sofie van den Enk, journalist and presenter, is the host of the day. She has created numerous programs for radio and television, including ‘De Keuringsdienst van Waarde’ and once won the 14th edition of ‘Wie is de Mol’ (Who is the Mole). Recently, she has become one of the faces of the SBS program ‘Goed Nieuws Vandaag’ (Good News Today). She lives in Utrecht with her 2 children and American husband, closely follows American politics, and is dedicated to 113 suicide prevention and mental health in general. She has also collaborated on projects like the podcast ‘113 met Sofie’ with LINDA. She wrote this piece herself because the text generated by chat GPT was too boastful (you can tell it’s an American system). But anyway, here’s an AI-generated quote: ‘Sofie has established herself over the years as one of the most beloved and recognizable personalities in the Dutch entertainment industry.’ I’m not sure about the last part, but I’m definitely looking forward to the ECD talks and hearing from econometricians about their thoughts on the influence of Artificial Intelligence on the field.

Laura Brandwacht

Laura Brandwacht is Principal Data & AI at MIcompany, where she started her career as a Data Scientist in 2013. She holds a MSc degree in Applied Mathematics from Leiden University. Laura has 10 years experience in shaping and executing strategic Data & AI transformation roadmaps, in industries like banking, telco and automotive.

She is responsible for Data & AI transformation programs at international clients. Building Data & AI Solutions and Data & AI Skills with teams of Data Scientists, Cloud Engineers, AI Engineers, Software Engineers & Business Experts. She loves to connect all these expertises that are necessary to fundamentally change business processes and create tangible impact. Bridging the gap between strategy and implementation, never shy of solving complex puzzles and overcoming adoption challenges.

Laura sees AI as a people business and loves to inspire, motivate, support, and challenge her teams and clients. She believes in the power of diverse teams, especially in the context of Data & AI. She founded and leads the Data & AI Leadership Program for Women.

Martin Haagoort

Martin Haagoort is a Data Scientist and the CEO of Intellerts. He studied econometrics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. With over 35 years of experience, Martin has been working at the intersection of technology, business, and data science, focusing on advanced analytics.

Before founding Intellerts, Martin held various executive roles at Hewlett Packard and managed large-scale analytical projects in Sales, Marketing, and Finance. His background in econometrics and operations research has enabled him to bridge business challenges with technological capabilities.

Martin is a frequent speaker on the practical challenges surrounding AI and Data Science. He has a special interest in creating the conditions for successful AI and new technology applications, as well as developing new service offerings and business models. Additionally, he has been involved in several AI start-ups. Apart from being the CEO of Intellerts, Martin is also the co-founder of DHealthIQ, a Digital Health company that develops Digital Therapeutics using Data Science and AI.



My background is in psychology and statistics. I did a PhD in which I compared various models for the analysis of patient recordsthat were recorded over time. This was a combined project with a Technical University and a medical center. Following this research, I started as a statistical analysis at the Ministry of Defense to advise researchers about research methods and techniques and statistical analysis. I became very impressed by the work of the Ministry of Defense and the dedication of the colleagues. Everyone is aware and actively working on the safety of the Netherlands and you can constantly feel the enthusiasm. This was very convincing,
and I decided to work as a data analyst for the Militaire Inlichtingen en Veiligheidsdiensten (MIVD). Then I grew to a Senior position where I could steer my own team, and I followed the Professional Development Track (a track for leadership development for people with a technical background). Following this, I found myself in my current position in which I lead the data analytics team of the MIVD. The data-analysts in my team work on the optimization and training of various models to analyze and process (un)structured data. An incredibly interesting, diverse and current workfield.

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