Company Events

During the Econometric Career Days, there is plenty of opportunity to meet companies that work in one of the various fields of econometrics. There are all sort of activities providing you with a chance to get in touch with a selection of leading companies. 

The events during which you can meet potential employers are the following: 

  • Cases 
    A case is a perfect way to learn about a company’s work field and their company culture. You get to work on a representative company case thereby allowing you to learn more about the company and to apply your analytical skills to tackle a problem. Afterwards there is either a lunch or drink included in a morning or afternoon case respectively, where you get to talk to the employees and ask all your questions.  Find out here which casestook place during the ECD 2023. 


  • Presentations
    During a presentation at the ECD, a company will describe their daily practices at their company to you. They will talk to you about interesting projects that they have worked on or are currently working on and explain the career opportunities.  Find out here which presentations took place during the ECD 2023. 


  • Company and Branch dinner
    Last year we had one company dinner and two branch dinners - a Finance dinner and a Consultancy dinner. The Finance dinner hosts EY, NN Group and Van Lanschot Kempen. The Consultancy dinner hosts Deloitte, M3 Consultancy and Simon Kucher & Partners. The company dinner is with ORTEC. Each dinner starts with a short presentation to introduce the companies and then will allow you to meet various employees in an informal setting. This gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have and to meet your potential future colleagues! Find out here which Dinners took place during the ECD 2023.


  • Informal Events
    Last year we organised a variety of fun informal events where you get to meet companies through social activities in an informal setting in order to see if you are character wise a good fit for the company and whether their atmosphere matches yours. The informal activities last year consisted of a beer tasting with Milliman, jeu de boules with SKIM, a lunch with Chipsoft, a lunch with Achmea and a Drink with a few scale-ups. It is a unique experience for you to have fun while networking and have the opportunity to get to know a company. Find out here which informal events took place during the ECD 2023.


  • Field Trip
    The field trip took place at the ASML corporate headquarters in Veldhoven. A bus will take you from Eindhoven Centraal to ASML afterwhich you will enjoy a nice lunch. Following the lunch, you get a tour in the ASML Experience Center. In the Experience Center, you can discover the world of ASML and wear the famous “cleanroom outfits.” This will be followed by a presentation and question session where you will learn more about ASML, and you will get the chance to hear from various Econometrists that work at ASML in their many branches. Then you will get a chance to view the remainder of the campus with a campus tour in small groups. The day will end with drinks and informal conversations with ASML employees. A bus will take you then back Eindhoven Centraal. Find out here which presentations took place during the ECD 2023. 


  • Impact Day
    After last year’s successful Impact Day, we again want to reiterate the kind of impact that you can make with your professional career. We offer cases, presentations, workshops and a scale-up drink to allow you to meet companies in which you can make an impact. The cases are held by Greenchoice and de Nationale Postcode Loterij, both companies that strive towards making a positive impact. The presentations are held by Politie and Ministerie van Financiën & de Belastingdienst . The workshop is held by Female X Finance. The scale-up drink consists of 3 companies, BexerHamstra, Whale, Probability & Partners, where you get to learn about the companies and how it is to work in a scale-up. The dinner by ORTEC discusses the sustainable impact their work does to better the world. All-in-all, it is a unique opportunity to find how you can steer your career towards impact. Find out here which companies participated in the Impact Day 2023.


  • Freshmen Inhouse Day
    The Freshmen Inhouse Day is an event specifically organised for first year students. Let your studies come to life and join us to meet Nationale Nederlanden in one of the highest buildings in Rotterdam: the Delfste Poort. As one of the largest insurance and asset management companies in the Netherlands, NN is a great employer for many econometricians.

During the Econometric Career Days, there are certain events that are held in Dutch. This is the request of the company as they either only hire Dutch nationals or Dutch speaking employees. Therefore, the event is held in Dutch to attend to this fact. For Dutch events it will be clearly stated in the description that they will be held in Dutch. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to