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Portwise was founded in 1996 as part of TBA Group and became independent in 2022. We are a world-leading consultancy and simulation firm for logistics in ports, terminals and warehouses. We stand for progress and impact; we work mission-driven and help transform logistics to become future and planet proof. We do this with a mindset of curiosity and creativity, as a team and with our clients and other stakeholders in the logistic chain. Above all, we love our work. We use our state-of-the-art models, expertise, and skills to make a positive impact on business, people, and planet.

By tuning and optimising models that mimic existing or yet to be build terminals, you determine the best performing terminal operation! Because every terminal has its own unique characteristics, every project is different and leads to different logistical challenges to solve.

By comparing different designs in our models and by varying the amount, specifications and behaviour of equipment you gain a lot of insights. You can provide a terminal with the type of equipment and amount of equipment that gives the best performance while also taking costs into consideration.