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ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment. It’s a common misconception that we make chips, also called microchips or integrated circuits (ICs), but we actually design and manufacture the lithography machines that are an essential component in chip manufacturing. Our customers are companies such as Intel, who use our machines in ‘fabs’ – microchip manufacturing plants – to create microchips that are eventually used in many electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops and much more.

Once a small but intrepid young tech startup, ASML now employs thousands around the globe who represent many different nationalities and bring a broad range of backgrounds, perspectives and skills.

Our diversity is what gives us the ability to challenge the status quo, develop breakthroughs and solve problems more effectively. It helps stimulate creativity, bringing greater depth to discussions, and allows us to consider more alternatives and better anticipate roadblocks.

Our three strategic pillars are Talent, Culture and Leadership.