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At Whayle, we seamlessly blend data and domain expertise. We're a dynamic and vibrant start-up, dedicated to making a meaningful impact in our field. Our teams consist of top professionals in data science, technology, and domain knowledge, and we're proud to be recognized as experts within our domain. Our mission goes beyond data analysis; it's about making the Netherlands healthier and fostering sustainable employability, particularly in the insurance sector. We believe in the power of data to drive positive change.

As a small company, we prioritize collaboration and close-knit relationships within our team. We organize company gatherings, engage in sports activities, and support our colleagues by attending concerts and stand-up comedy shows. But Whayle isn't just about maintaining a work-life balance. We're committed to individual growth and mutual learning. We encourage experimentation and knowledge sharing among team members because we believe that when everyone reaches their full potential, we all benefit.

If you are a junior data scientist or a motivated working student, Whayle offers exciting opportunities. Join us in a supportive environment, where you can learn, explore and contribute to our mission of enhancing the Netherlands’ health and sustainable employability for all.