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SKIM is a global insights agency helping leading companies thrive by understanding decision making. Imagine you’re in a grocery store when you arrive at the beverage aisle. You intended on buying Coca Cola, but today, something about Pepsi stole your attention! Why? This is what a multinational like Coca Cola wants to know, and where SKIM comes in. We find out why consumers buy certain products, the prices they're willing to pay, and how the products’ packaging makes them feel.

But what sets SKIM apart is not only our decision behavior expertise and innovative research techniques, it's also the creative thinking of our SKIMmers. SKIMmers are very smart, analytical individuals with ideas that continuously raise the bar for innovation, and we give them the freedom to pursue them. This unique combination is how we provide the world's leading brands solutions for their most crucial challenges, and why they’ve continued to partner with us.