Turing Students Rotterdam Workshop

The size and importance of data are constantly increasing at an unbelievable pace in the world today. This makes it important for professionals to be able to model and analyse data in an efficient and understable way. Turing Students Rotterdam is here to introduce you to a powerful tool to boost your skillset and understanding of the data world.

This Python workshop is dedicated to effectively understanding and visualising data in a way that can help you to effectively navigate and communicate information. Other topics such as useful machine learning models will also be presented to provide you with a broader understanding of today’s data management tools. You will be introduced to an analytical way of thinking about models and introduced to packages used to visualise, analyse and improve the performance of data models. After the workshop you will have acquired the perfect toolbox of techniques to analyse and model any dataset in a professional and comprehensive way.

Turing Students Rotterdam’s Python workshop will allow you to apply the knowledge learned to almost any model you may encounter in the future. Along with theory, the workshop is an interactive hands-on experience, together with a mini-case to help the attendees start their journey towards proficiency!Sign up and unlock your potential.

This workshop is open to students of all years.