Greenchoice Case

During our case, we take you back to the energy crisis of 2022. Prices were rising at an unprecedented rate due to the war in Ukraine and reduced gas supplies from Russia. Prices got so high for some of our customers that they started conserving energy heavily. But how much energy will they conserve? Are these only the customers with a variable contract or also those with a fixed contract? And what will the temperature be this winter? All these factors have a big effect on the purchase of our energy and ultimately the customer's bill.

Together we dive into our anonymized data of the gas usage on a daily basis and at customer level using smart meter data. To eventually work in groups to get the answer to the question: How much less gas should Greenchoice buy before January 2023?

Hope to see you soon on November 16!

 This case will be presented in English and is open for Ba3 and higher.