MIcompany Case

In this case, you can showcase your econometric skills, while going through all steps that are required in a full-scale data science project in the few hours that we have!

LEASEDCARS is a company that sells second-hand cars which have been used as lease cars. LEASEDCARS wants to offer a variety of used cars for a reasonable price.

In order to accomplish this, LEASEDCARS wants to have a consistent procedure for pricing their cars. In this way they can ensure that their prices are reasonable and have a solid basis.

LEASEDCARS has collected data containing information about previously sold cars. The data spans the range from 2015 to 2018.

The goal of LEASEDCARS is to develop a model that predicts the prices of ‘new’ cars based on the knowledge about previously sold cars. Moreover, the company wants to know the impact of damage on the price of the car.

This case will be presented in English and is open for Ba3 and higher.