Pointlogic Case

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This event is open for BSc-3 and (pre-)master students.

Company Information

Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company is a global market leader in strategic marketing solutions and provides customized decisionsupport systems to improve marketing effectiveness. Our products are backed by powerful analytical methods, extensive research and (big) data to enhance and
enrich our customers’ marketing tools and processes. The combination of software and analytics allows our customers to make more informed strategic and tactical business decisions, ultimately leading to greater ROI from marketing budgets. We have product users in more than 80 countries around the globe, and with our tools, we support the decisions of large advertisers, media owners, and media agencies, both on a tactical and strategic level. Our expertise in these areas led to Nielsen acquiring us in 2016 to strengthen its data and planning capabilities. Pointlogic’s head office is in Rotterdam, and we have further offices in London, New York, Singapore and Sao Paulo

Case Description

Our client is an automotive brand that wants to optimise their brand positioning and communication strategy. During the Brandpoint automotive case, we will work with actual consumer research data on brand preferences and opinions. The available data consists of a set of respondents that have all been asked about eight random car brands. The KPI is “Would you
consider this brand when buying a car”. Other data we have are some socio-demos (like age and gender), and performance variables on a number of drivers. Drivers are aspects about a car that would make a car more attractive in the eyes of a consumer. Examples of drivers: Low price, Low maintenance costs, Luxury type car, interior design, exterior design, safety features, etc. The respondent will have answers for each of the brands whether they think that brand does well on these drivers. You will be asked to analyse this data and use modelling and other statistical techniques to find relations between consumer preferences and opinions. The results need to be translated to a strategic advice for the client.


15th of November





Erasmus University