Optiver Interview

For whom?

You’re only eligible for this event if you have already done a case/ inhouse day/ application at Optiver before and you wish to be taken into consideration for an interview. Do not forget to upload your CV in your profile! If you already participate in this year’s case, you DO NOT have to subscribe for this event separately!  The times are a rough estimation.

Company Information

How would you explain trading to a friend? Wall Street, staring at screens and pushing buttons? The reality is, there is more to Trading than you think. Hands-on experience is the best way to learn and that is exactly what we provide during our case. In a playful and inter-active way, we will cover topics such as Optiver’s history and culture, Market making, Option Theory, our recruitment  processes and how to prepare in order to increase your chances of success.

Interview Description

As our main partner for this edition of the Econometric Career Days, Optiver gives 4 students the amazing opportunity of getting a 20 minute interview with their recruiter!


20th of November





Erasmus University