Online Events

1. When will I receive the log-in details of the online event? 
We strive to let you know one day in advance at the latest what the log-in details of the online session are. Make sure you download the desktop app of the online platform on your computer. 

2. Can I join the online session later or leave earlier? 
No, once you are selected you are expected to join the entire session. 

3. What happens if I do not show up or log out without a valid reason? 
If you do not show up unannounced or log out before the end of the online session, we will be forced to give your name and personal details to the company the event was organized by, we cannot vouch for what they will do with it. You will also be placed on the FAECTOR blacklist, which means that it will not be possible to participate in career events of FAECTOR for 4 months.