On Wednesday 15 November 2017, the fifth edition of the ECD started with the Grand Opening at Erasmus Paviljoen. During this interactive presentation we have listened to two inspirational speakers, who have talked about what econometrics means in their businesses and how it applies to the world.

The official part has been followed by some drinks at Erasmus Paviljoen. Five upcoming companies, Zamro, YStrategists, Roodhals Capital, Ab Ovo, and VenturesOne, have joined us there which was a great chance to get to know them better in an informal setting.



Paul Rooijmans is the CEO of Lynxx, a data lab based in Amesfoort, providing consultancy to the public transport sector. Being active in diverse countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, and more and having people from various backgrounds makes Lynxx a very diverse company. Using quantitative econometric models and machine learning, Lynxx successfully transforms data into useful information, making sure public transport improves for everybody. By looking at a problem from different perspective Lynxx really finds the most information from its data. Working at Lynxx means learning how to solve problems hands-on and being critical and analytical. Lynxx has a young, direct, and driven team of consultants, making it a good environment for personal development.



Katja Sizova is Director Digital at VodafoneZiggo, one of the Netherlands’ largest telecom and internet providers, having around 8,000 employers. Last summer, VodafoneZiggo won two prizes for the best online orientation for getting a telecom and internet contract, making VodafoneZiggo the best of the best. Having studied applied mathematics and computer science in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Katja has a quantitative background herself, applying it at VodafoneZiggo to improve the customers’ experience in various ways. With Vodafone having around 5 million customers and Ziggo around 4 million, there is a lot of data that can be made useful to benefit both VodafoneZiggo and the customer, the perfect playground for an econometrician.