On Tuesday 13 November 2018, the sixth edition of the ECD started with the Grand Opening at Erasmus Paviljoen. During this interactive presentation we listened to three inspirational speakers, who talked about what econometrics means in their businesses and how it applies to the world. Furthermore, ANWB, Pipple, Korn Ferry and OM Partners  did a short pitch.

The official part followed by some drinks at Erasmus Paviljoen.



Job Elders is currently partner at Greenfield Capital Partners, an investment company focusing on supporting Dutch and Belgian firms in their growth objectives. Furthermore, he is chairman of the board of Micronit B.V. (NL), a company active in micro-technology solutions, and advisor to several (listed) funds and Zenzium, a biomedical data science company.

After obtaining his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the UvA, he has built an extensive track record as serial entrepreneur focusing on technology companies, industrial and B2B companies in growth stage. As such, he founded among others TMP (Twente Microproducts) and C2V (telecom applications), and directed these companies until their acquisition (TMP by Kymata Ltd, C2V by Thermo Fisher Scientific). In addition, together with its founders he co-directed Xsens untill the acquisition by Fairchild Semiconductor in 2014.

Furthermore, he was active as executive director of Enschede Innovation Fund, and served as Vice President and General Manager of Alcatel Optronics Netherlands.

Additionally, Dr. Elders is the author of more than 80 technical and business publications as well as patents and has chaired and spoken at several investor events and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) events.

He is also involved in several initiatives aimed at supporting talented students from countries with upcoming economies / developing countries (e.g. Erik Bleumink foundation and Kipaji scholarschip fund).

In his speech, Dr. Elders will share his experience in investing by discussing the perspective of an investor and an entrepreneur.



The second speaker at our openings ceremony will be Koen The, CEO at Lendahand, an online impact investing platform. Please read Koen’s introduction about himself:
I obtained my master’s degree in econometrics at the VU Amsterdam in 1999 when it was still a bit of a field for nerds that didn’t know what to make of life. It definitely didn’t have the sex appeal it has now ;). Like most of my classmates I followed the money and started my career in the financial sector. As a quant I was able to apply textbook knowledge in real life. Monte Carlo simulations, stochastic volatility… life was wild.
As I advanced in my career I noticed I was missing the bigger picture and decided to do an MBA. I enrolled in Berkeley, known for its left-ish ideology, proximity to Silicon Valley, and good weather. From there I went to London, known for its make-money culture, the City, and bad weather. Quite a change in scenery.
I started on the trading floor of Barclays Capital, working in the Structured Solutions team. This was late Summer of 2008. You all know what happened. It was the start of chaos in the financial markets and during the six years I worked in the City it would remain like that.
Markets are supposed to be efficient, but banks definitely aren’t. I had a strong belief
that technology would catch up and upset the business models of both investment and commercial banks. I wanted to be part of the change. I also realized that if capital markets would reinvent itself, it’d present a huge opportunity to make the world a more level playing field. I co-founded Lendahand. We bring financing to those who can use it to create true value (such as jobs, access to renewable energy, etc). All they are missing are the financial means. That is why we connect retail investors with awesome and wellrun companies in emerging markets. And so I remain in the financial industry, and I still love it.



Peter Frans Pauwels was the original product developer at TomTom, and one of the small team of four friends who founded TomTom 26 years ago. His expertise and vision for product development played a decisive role in TomTom’s growth from a small startup into a leading global brand.

Peter Frans managed the development and execution of the first navigation system – the TomTom Navigator. It ran on Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), providing people with an easy-to-use, affordable navigation solution for the very first time. This paved the way for the launch of the TomTom GO in 2004, the very first portable navigation device, which revolutionized the way people move. The TomTom GO became the fastest selling consumer device in history and is featured in TIME magazine’s list of the most influential gadgets in history.

Today, Peter-Frans makes sure TomTom’s engineers – many of whom are working on an autonomous future – never lose sight of what made the company famous: a laser focus on creating innovative technology that is incredibly easy to use.

Peter Frans holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam. In his keynote he will focus on how TomTom handles big data and how TomTom uses it to transform mobility. Furthermore he will discuss artificial intelligence and how it is applied in autonomous driving.