Company Events

During the Econometric Career Days, there is plenty of opportunity to meet companies that work in one of the various fields of econometrics. There are all sort of activities providing you with a chance to get in touch with a selection of leading companies. 

The events during which you can meet potential employers are the following: 

  • Cases 
    Get to know what what it is like to work at a company when participating in one of the cases. You will work on a (simplified version of a)        problem they have dealt with, that is representative for the work they do. To end, there will be a lunch or drink at which you have the opportunity to ask all of your remaining question. Find out here what cases were given during the ECD 2021. 
  • Presentations
    Learn more about a company and its activities while also hearing stories from employees. Join a company presentation and receive more information about the daily acitivities of a company and the exact work they do. Find out here what presentations were given during the ECD 2021. 
  • Informal Events
    Get to know one or multiple companies in a more informal setting. Have dinner or enjoy a fun activity with employees that can answer all your questions and give you plenty of information, while enjoying good food and drinks. Find out here what informal events were hosted during the ECD 2021.