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We are… a global insights agency!
SKIM is a global insights agency helping leading companies thrive by understanding decision making. What does a big multinational like Coca Cola want to know? Why you buy Pepsi, and not Coca Cola! This is exactly what SKIM looks at: finding out what makes consumers tick, why they buy certain products, are willing to pay a specific price for a brand, and what sentiment the packaging of a product gives to a consumer. By combining different sources of data from our own custom research, we try to answer these kinds of questions. Why is this so important for any multinational? Because small changes in a price, the way a product looks, or even where you put is on a shelf, has a huge impact on the success of that product.

It has been at SKIMs heart that even whilst carrying out state-of-the-art research, SKIMmers still have new ideas and thoughts that will help our clients even better. The one thing we have learned from the past 43 years, is that when bright people have a good idea, giving them the freedom to pursue it is always worth it. We basically facilitate the innovation that is at the heart of SKIM by giving you the freedom to pursue the ideas that you believe can solve the toughest problems. What we are saying: we want to hear what your ideas are, because those ideas will deliver the quality we strive for.

We want SKIMmers to feel engaged in their job and to feel they have a platform to grow and discover what they would like to do. That’s why we like to base your route, together with you, on your interests and strengths! From the past, we have seen that focusing on these matters really unlocks people’s true potential and fulfillment in a job. Besides, you are only just starting your career, right? Let’s explore what is out there!

Our environment is international: our Rotterdam office alone, which is also the headquarters of SKIM, employs SKIMmers from over 30 nationalities. You would not only be working with the Rotterdam team. At SKIM, it is very well possible that you work with colleagues from Berlin, London, Singapore or even the SKIMmers in Latin America or the US. This could be either for client projects, or internal initiatives like helping organize a global Hackathon within SKIM.

Sounds like something for you?
If all of that sounds appealing to you: great! We would love to meet you. There are a lot of opportunities at SKIM to kickstart your career in Consumer Insights, and we encourage you to find your mojo within that. Whether you would like to do an internship or talk about a full-time position, we would be more than happy to have a chat with you. Feel free to reach out to us and enjoy the Econometric Career Days!