Gupta Strategists

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Gupta Strategists is a boutique strategy consultant focused on health care. We are a leading firm, engaged in exciting assignments and growing quickly.

Our clients are players from all segments of the healthcare value chain
We work for large hospitals, healthcare insurers, pharmacy chains, elderly care organizations, government agencies and private investors.

Our clients’ exciting challenges are most important to us
These challenges arise from the rapid changes in the playing field and are often related to keeping costs of healthcare down while improving quality. These are serious challenges that affect all of us.

We have grown rapidly, attracting a diverse range of colleagues
The firm was founded in 2005 by consultants from McKinsey and Roland Berger. In 17 years the firm has grown from 4 to 37 consultants while maintaining a flat organizational structure. Our team consists of people from various backgrounds and is a mix of talented university graduates or PhD’s, and experienced hires from premium consulting firms.

New ideas and sound analysis are the driving force behind our work
There is a common ground amongst our team members. Our work is characterized by a strong analytical approach to problem solving and a focus on new ideas. Our clients recognize this in our creative solutions based on sound analysis.

We invest in your development
At Gupta, you will learn core strategy consulting skills and get hands-on experience very early. You will work directly with experienced consultants. We offer you training programs tailored to your development needs and academic background. If you are successful, we sponsor top-MBA programs.