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LOGEX is leading the way in healthcare analytics. We empower stakeholders at every level of the healthcare system by bringing clarity to decisions that result into the best possible healthcare.

Our solutions transform data into actionable insights, showing exactly where to take strategic action that leads to the best possible outcome at lowest possible cost.

At LOGEX, we put data at the heart of complex discussions about healthcare outcomes and costs. We do this by providing advanced analytics solutions that give you clear insights you can act on to improve the value of care.

Our advanced analytics solutions cover key domains of expertise:

  • Financial Analytics - Control Costs and streamline operations, maximising operational and financial performance
    • Costing Solutions
    • Budgeting Solutions
    • Forecasting Solutions
    • Capacity management
    • Appropriate Care
    • Physician Performance 
  • Value Solutions - Integrate cost and outcome analytics seamlessly, redefining how care is understood and delivered
    • Value Analytics
    • Innovative Contracting for Medicines
  • Outcomes - Benchmark and connect with your peers, driving clinical improvement and innovation
    • Clinical Outcomes
    • Patient Outcomes
    • Drug Outcomes
  • Real World Evidence – ARWEN, A pan-European network of forward-thinking hospitals, healthcare professionals and researchers with an interest in Real-World Evidence research.
  • Digital Patient Journey – guaranteeing superior patient experiences and great data collection compliance, without increasing the workload for medical and IT staff
    • eHealth
    • PROMs
    • BeagleBoxx
    • EMR

Working with LOGEX
We’re looking for purpose driven, healthcare passionate, impact focused talents with a quantitative background to join our mission to translate data to better healthcare!
As a master’s graduate you will join one of our business teams and you will start contributing to better healthcare directly by providing advanced analytics and by engaging with our clients.
You will become part of an ambitious and driven team of (young) professionals in an environment that is focused on learning and achieving results together.