CV/Linkedin workshop by AIESEC

AIESEC in Rotterdam provides a resume and LinkedIn training to help the leaders of tomorrow stand out. During this training you will learn how to use your resume to find your dream job. LinkedIn is of major influence in the application process. 77% of the recruiters use LinkedIn frequently to recruit new talents..

It takes a recruiter only 6 seconds to see if someone is suitable for a certain position. How do you ensure to make a good impression in those six seconds? What belongs on a LinkedIn page and what does not? The do's and don'ts are discussed during this training. There is also the opportunity to get started with your own resume.

LinkedIn, together with your resume, is the business card for future employers. If you already have a LinkedIn page, you can update it further during the training based on the tips that are provided. In a short time you will learn about the possibilities of LinkedIn and you will discover how to ensure that your profile will stand out to recruiters.