ORTEC case

Excellent self-service can help improve the customer experience. Organizations that makes home visits want to provide their services at times that suit both the company and their clients. ORTEC’s Field Services facilitate cost-effective appointment scheduling.

Help your customer see the value we bring through our software solutions with this new Optimization Game, a service provided by the Global Operations team.

This Game takes place in the ORTEC Solutions Portal and is guided by a video tutorial. The player must schedule all appointments in a cost-effective way in just 20 minutes, without violating the restrictions. Our customers will see how difficult it is to manually plan an entire field service team, considering a wide range of data for personnel skills and task determination.

ORTEC has been a leading player in Advanced Scheduling for decades and our Service Planning solution will demonstrate it when comparing the manual planning results with the automatic planning benchmarks.

This case will be presented in English and is open for Ba3 and higher.