Turing Students Rotterdam workshop

We’re Turing Students Rotterdam, a student association focused on making teach-edu- cation accessible for all students at Erasmus University Rotterdam. We provide students with courses, events and workshops about the world of tech. We offer, for example, coding courses in Python, R, Data Science and Finan- cial Modelling. Besides that, we offer a wide range of events, from the multi day Hacka- thon event to a women-in-tech event. Turing Students Rotterdam is looking for enthusiastic students that would like to improve their data & tech knowledge and that are passionate about helping others in this incredibly fascina- ting industry.

In this workshop we’re diving into the world of Machine Learning, focused on the finance industry. Our experienced speaker will cover

the basics of multi-domain machine learning, fraud+outlier detection, forecasting and natu- ral language processing. If you’re interested in artificial intelligence, finance and machine learning, this workshop is for you! We know the world of tech and computer science of- ten seems daunting, especially to those who are just taking their first steps into the field, hopefully Turing can lend you a helping hand!

This workshop is open to students of all years.