ING Case

We will focus our workshop on Risk Management and the importance of Data.
ING is currently in the midst of a radical and exciting transformation from a traditional bank into a tech company and that all starts with data – but also with the people who know what can and may be done with it and how data can be used for the customer’s benefit. Another key domain within the bank is: Risk management and is essential to safeguard ING’s future. Within ING this has a broad scope and covers the management of credit risk, market risk, operational risk and model risk

Of course we’ll also elaborate on the opportunities for graduates within Analytics & Risk, such as our International Talent Programme.
Our current Analytics & Risk trainees will host this session and we will play  ‘The Competitive Banking Game’. Each team will be their own bank and has to compete with the others banks to make the most profit. May the best bank win!

The case will be presented in English and is for Ba3 and higher.