Who is Datlinq?

Datlinq is a leading company in building location profiles in the European food & drink market. In the last 20 years, Datlinq built a database consisting of millions of locations in Europe where food & drinks are being served, which we enrich with smart techniques to create profiles of businesses. With this information we support large FMCG companies like Unilever, Red Bull, and Coca Cola, but also many smaller ones, advising them where to sell their products and how to optimize their sales. 

What do we do?

Imagine you would sell ice cream or a special beer. Where would you go first? Where would you think you would sell the most? What are your main criteria? The Datlinq team is constantly trying to find new ways to enrich locations with data and find potential for our customers. This makes our data unique and attractive for many data scientists. We for example built a recommendation engine that finds similar businesses as your most successful point of sales, and try to predict where and how to launch new products.

Current challenges

COVID-19 is going to change the market significantly. Classic strategies should change as consumers will have different habits where to eat and drink. This will greaten the influence of data-driven decision making in the coming years. Where to sell your product is no longer a gut feeling decision of the sales representative, but should be based on facts, trends and hard data. We therefore invested in panels with data about consumer behavior and combined this with our location data. The challenge will be to predict which locations will survive and why. Is it the heated terrace, the service, the price level or the fact that it is popular among a certain group? Are you up for these challenges?

The difference of working for Datlinq

Working for Datlinq means a practical attitude, which leads to usable output that is easy to explain to our customers but also to your friends and family. Our vision is a data-driven sales & marketing approach in the food & drink market. Based on data, we work every day on new challenges in technology like the influence of social media on our behavior, where to lunch, or where to have a drink. Our size is our strength, it makes us flexible and creative for big players that are following the market. Being on the frontline of marketdevelopments makes us the leading data company in our market. Please share your talent with us and let us help you to explore it and convert it into an interesting job or intern.