Data Ethics Masterclass

Responsible Science Communication in an Age of Misinformation

We live in an age where misinformation can be the enemy of positive progression in science. Improper utilisation of various communication channels has seen fundamental science, data collection, and properly conceived conjectures questioned. Nonetheless, certain elements of society seek to exploit the world’s addiction to a scrollable view of the world by presenting eyegrabbing headlines that detract from the foundations of a story.

This masterclass will consider the key elements of communication pertaining to science, data science, and financial topics, and seek to outline stringent steps that can help ensure ethical and moral distribution of raw data and the analysis of such data. These steps can be applied to multiple disciplines. Nowadays headlines only contain part of the story, and it is key that any headline captures the full essence of a story. You’ll see examples of poor communication and references to elements of popular culture that can often be beneficial to articulating the core message.

Please note that this event is open (pre-)master students only.