Optiver Interviews

During the Optiver interviews of the ECD 2019 you get the opportunity to get even more acquainted with Optiver and the opportunities they offer. During a one-on-one interview of 20-25 minutes, you have the ability to discuss the industry, the possibilities they offer and express your interest in Optiver.

Note that this interview will not be an interview for an internship or any other position within the company. Optiver will ask questions regarding your motivation for the industry, their company and the job. However, you can expect no questions regarding your skill set for their positions. As such, no extensive preparation with regards to your quantitative skills necessary for the interview. However, it is important that you are able to substantiate your interest in Optiver and prepare some questions.

Please note that this event is open for BSc-3, BSc-4 and (pre-)master students only and selection will be based on CV. 


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