Workshop - 'How to be engaged at work'

This workshop is all about ‘Engagement’: Jack Welch, who used to be the CEO of General Electric and increased it’s market value sixfold, divided his employees in three groups: A, B, C. The distinction lies in engagement. Jack wanted only A’s in his organization, top engaged professionals. This was twenty years ago and to this day Executive Search consultants are still only looking for A’s .This workshop will teach you how to become an “A” and what sort of work environment fits with that. 

Carl Lens works as a managing partner in a boutique search firm and recruits professionals within Finance and Healthcare. His company is situated in Amsterdam since 2007 and provides services to organizations such as De Nederlandsche Bank, Achmea, Rabobank but also start-ups and scale-ups. He frequently gives workshops about the engagement of people in what they do and workshops about leadership. Next to that he is EMEA director of Kennedy Executive, a network of Executive Search bureaus that are located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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