Rabobank Case

Rabobank is a bank that works for its customers and members. A cooperative bank with an enormous social responsibility. We are one of the largest financial institutions in the world, but we're still very involved at the local level. We are at the heart of society. Our goal is to help customers achieve their goals. In addition, we aim to make a substantial contribution to the well-being and prosperity of people in the Netherlands and to a sustainable global food supply.  

We want you to join us in our efforts to create a world where everyone has plenty of healthy food to eat. And a country where people are happy to live, work, and be enterprising. We are a courageous bunch and we're looking for likeminded people. It takes courage to make a difference in society. And brainpower and resilience.  

 We're interested in more than just your resume; your mentality is the most important. We want to get to know you, what your ideas are and how you plan to see them through. Are you ready to dedicate your talent to making the world a better place? If so, we'd like to work with you to create a brighter future. For you, the bank, and our customers. Have you got what it takes?

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Please note that this event is open for BSc-3, BSc-4 and (pre-)master students only.


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