Ab Ovo Case

Want to solve a real life problem for an intermodal freight transportation company?

For this case you will work for a company named “XY”, that provides train services. Their connections run several times per week/day. Each train has wagons that can carry different types of shipments, such as containers and semi-trailers. The demand for transportation of shipments is so high, that not all shipments seem to fit on the train wagons.

Planners currently manually decide how to solve the planning constraints. XY now asks you to optimize the assignment of shipments to train wagons and optimize the utilization. 

The feasibility of the planning depends on the length and weight of the shipments, but also on how the weight is divided over a wagon’s axes, where pins are located on the wagon to which the shipments can be attached, etc.

What makes it difficult is that sometimes planned shipments do not show up at their departure terminals. Because of that, the company wants to decide how to load a train just before it departs, but that only gives one minute to optimize…

The case is based on a project that Ab Ovo has done for one of its customers. 


Please note that this event is open for BSc-3, BSc-4 and (pre-)master students only.


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