Each year, the ECD is the biggest on-campus recruitment event for econometricians. Last year, we did not host the event at the university but online. All companies worked very hard and creatively to organize a successful, meaningful and fun alternative for their cases, presentations and other events.

Due to extreme dedication of all companies and people involved, we can celebrate the fact that we had 11 companies hosting online cases and 8 companies hosting online presentations. Furthermore, there were multiple workshops and a masterclass online. Unfortunately, three informal events and the Finance Dinner could not take place in real life.

As a consequence of the pandemic, it is still uncertain to which extent the event can take place in real-life. Nonetheless, we strive for an in-person edition again this year. All companies participating in the ECD are still looking for students like you. In this time, the opportunity to connect with companies for now or for later, is truly unique. You, as a future econometrician, can benefit a lot from this opportunity. Therefore, we encourage you to join one of our events. The companies are looking forward to meeting you!