This year, the ECD is almost back to its old format. All the events can and will be in real-life. Nevertheless, not all events will take place on-campus due to the current corona situation. The cases will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam, while the presentations, workshops and masterclass will still take place on-campus.

With regards to the corona measures on campus, it is not obligatory to keep the 1,5-meter social distance during the on-campus events. Moreover, you do not need to wear a facemask during the events. Furthermore, a corona check QR-code is not required for the on-campus presentations, yet this can be different if the companies do require so. Nonetheless, for the external locations where the cases, informal events, opening and closing will take place, a corona check QR-code is required. This can be obtained by testing, vaccination and/or a recovery certificate. Take into account that it is your own responsibility that you are able to show your QR-code when entering the events during the ECD 2021. By doing so, we can adhere to the RIVM guidelines.

We guarantee that our events will take place according to the guidelines of the Dutch government and the RIVM. Should it be the case that the current situation changes, then we will try to host our events via online platforms.